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Wines and Steins

 Fostering home wine and beer making and the art of tastings

Wine Tasting at next W&S meeting May 6

  • 05/06/2011
  • 6:00 PM
  • W&S meeting place


Registration is closed
The tasting will start at 6pm.  We'll have 6 tables and each one will taste a different varietal of wine.  We already passed out sign up sheets for different varietals, but we still have more room for more people and will add more tables if needed.  Please sign up now.
1.  Bring 1 bottle of wine of the varietal of wine you've selected and bring a brown paper bag with your name and price of the wine ($1-$25).
2. It must be Central Coast wine (incl. Santa Barbara and Monterrey counties)
3.  The wine can be commercial or homemade.

Important:  There will be on appetizers or BBQ that night.  Please bring potluck dishes to share.  Bread will be on your table to clean your palate. 

Dinner will be immediately following the wine tasting.  Bring wine for dinner if you desire.
Results and award medals during dinner.

For those of you who were not at April meeting and did not sign up, you can do so by calling Marilyn or Bill Sisler at 226-0939.

We'll need helpers to set up and open bottles.  please call if you have questions.

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