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Wine Making Equipment

Reservations for the wine-making equipment are handled by our Equipment Master.  Please make your reservations in advance (three days) by emailing or you may call Bruce at 805-237-0995 to inquire about the availability of the equipment.  Bruce will provide you with the access code, locker number and lock combination.  All borrowed items are due back within 24 hours unless otherwise approved.  To use the equipment, you must have gone through an equipment orientation.  Please be sure to return all items on time and in a clean condition as a courtesy to the next user.


  • Large Motor Driven Crusher/De-stemmer
  • 80-Liter Bladder Press
  • Small Basket Press
  • Racking pump with assorted Hoses and control
  • Bottle Trees (total of 160 Bottles) and squirt-up bottle rinser
  • Corkers, Floor Model (2)
  • 3 Stage Filter with Pump (Filters not included, but may be purchased at Vintner's Vault)
  • 3 Spout Stainless Bottler with Holding Tank
  • 2 Spout Stainless Bottler
  • 3 Spout painted Bottler
  • Heat gun for bottle capsules
  • Barrel washer
  • Buon Vino Superjet Wine Filter

Instruction Manuals

Buon Vino Superjet Wine Filter

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