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Wines and Steins

 Fostering home wine and beer making and the art of tastings

Monthly Membership Meeting April 1 @ 6p.m.

  • 04/01/2016
  • American Legion Hall, Templeton, CA
Wines & Steins 2015-2016

Dear Wines and Steins Friends,         
     Our next membership meeting will be  Friday, April 1st, 2016 @ 6:00 p.m.

At this meeting we will once again have our popular Blind Wine Tasting event. There we will learn &/or practice the art of tasting & share our sensory evaluations with others. Each tables' collective favorites will be announced.
There are 7 different wine tasting tables & new this year: a beer tasting table! You may sign up as a couple or individual at one of the available varietals of your choosing. Bring domestic produced, professional or homemade:
1 bottle of wine or 2 bottles of beer for the table you are reserved to taste at. 

Here are the lists & availability @ posting:
1-Bill & Dawn Stokes
2-Richard Lashbrook
3-Marty Toussaint
4-Ralph Byrd
5-John Pokrajac
6-Nancy Pittman
1-Wayne Bloechl
2-Stu Goldman
3-Jeff & Cindy Lewis
4-Phil Romer & Gail Sakurada
5-Janice Callari
6-Lisa Lashbrook
7-CarolAnne Warner
1-Mike & Cat Victorino
2-Patricia Watters
3-Hal Kempthorn
4-Bruce Pittman
Petite Sirah
1-Ruben Gruber
2-Mike & Sally Ferree
3-Marc & Christine Schmitt
4-Sharen Bloechl
5-Johna' DeBellis
6-Russ Frank
Cabernet Sauvignon
1-Marilyn Sisler
2-Richard & Leslie Cruzen
3-Sam & Jennifer Sorenson
4-Maria Goldman
5-Gina & Ed Hasenkamp
Red Blends
1-Bill Sisler
2-Ruby Toussaint
3-Tom Johnson
4-Rhonda Evans
5-Barbara Frank
'Other' Red Varietals
1-Mike DeBellis
2-Guy Callari
3-Barry & Linda Ross
4-Dave & Barbara Gunn
1-Terry Selden
2-Mike Andrews
3-Paula Byrd
4-Mike Lashbrook
If you have not yet signed up for this event, please contact Johna' DeBellis at You will get a response email when your request has been confirmed.

For those not participating in the blind tasting event, you will be able to socialize and taste at non-participating tables & still have an overview of the process. Please bring beer or wine as you normally would to share with others at those table(s).
**EVERYONE- bring hearty/ heavy snacks for sharing & beverage glasses.

See you there! It's going to be fun!

President - Mike Ferree
Webmaster - Karen Wall

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