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  • 05 May 2018 11:02 AM | Michael and Catherine Victorino

                           Member Meeting Minutes

                                                                   May 4, 2018

    Our social hour was held and lots of wine was shared. The meeting was called to order by President Tom Johnson at 7PM. He thanked our evenings hosts, Ed and Gina Hasencamp and co-hosts Chuck and Therese Baucher.

    No new member to introduce, but there were several Legacy Members in attendance:

    Jim and Mabel Bond, Jere and RaeAne Anderson, Bruce and Barbara VanDyke.

    Bill Sisler introduced his neighbours as guests: Cam Amos and Tina Scarsdale.

    There were 34 members and 2 guests this evening.

    Event Co Ordinator, Patricia Watters announced the June BBQ on June 24th at Templeton Park 11-4.  Tickets $10.00 per person. Please pay Mary Andrews of use the Wines and Steins website.  Patricia also had us raise a glass and toast the remembrance of Marilyn Berardo.

    Treasurer Mary Andrews says our General Fund is $2717.50 and Equipment Fund is $500.12

    Brewmaster Mike Andrews gave info on the Mid State Fair Beer competition. Please register by 6/2/3/18. Cost is $7 per admission. You must submit 2 12-ounce bottles between 6/26-6/30.  Either at Doc Cellars or at the Fairgrounds.  There is information of the Mid State Fair’s website.

    Webmaster, Ed Hasencamp introduced our new Webmistress Karen Wall.

    Bill Sisler entertained us with 2 Little Johnny jokes.

    Cellarmaster Mike Feree talked about the wine competition and the May 12th tasting.  He then introduced our speaker for the evening. Cody Broadstone manager at Bristol Cider House in Atascadero. The owner started making cider in 1994. Cody spoke about the history of cider and how they make it. He took questions and brought samples for the club to taste and pair with dinner. There is a Cider Fest at the Pavilion at Atascadero Lake on May 12th.

    The 50/50 drawing was won by Chuck Baucher and bottle of Cider House cider was won by Mike Andrews.

    There will be no June, July or August member meetings.  See you all September 7th!

  • 23 Apr 2018 3:37 PM | Michael and Catherine Victorino

    Member Meeting Minutes for April 6, 2018

    The meeting was called to order by Tom Johnson at 6:45 after a lively happy hour. There were no new members in attendance and no guests to introduce.  The Hosts for the evening were Mike and Cat Victorino.  Co-Hosts were Ed and Gina Hasenkamp.

    Treasurer’s report: Mary Andrews, General Fund $2288.40 Equipment Fund $500.12

    Cellar Master Mike Feree announced two wine competitions: Mid State Fair $7/bottle entry. Orange County Wine Competition $15/bottle entry. You may drop off your bottles at Doc Cellars.  May’s speaker will be from Bristol Cider.

    Web Master Ed Hasenkamp, nothing to report.

    Event Co-Ordinator Patricia Watters: June picnic on June 24th at Templeton Park, cost $10/person.

    Dawn Stokes informed us of the death of Marilyn Berardo on 4/6/18 and will get address for cards.

    Jeff Lewis informed us that Don Carlson is ill and has a card for us to sign.

    Bill Sisler entertained us with a joke.

    Our speaker for the evening was Bruce Pittman who spoke and took questions about white wine making.

    Bill Sisler spoke on what to do with our new vineyards.

    The 50/50 drawing was held, and the winner was Chuck Baucher!!

    Dinner is served.

  • 17 Apr 2018 4:58 PM | Michael and Catherine Victorino

                           Member Meeting Minutes 3-2-18

    The meeting was held at the Templeton Community Center and called to order by Mike Ferree at 6:35 PM

    Guests were introduced: Brad and Debby

    The evenings hosts were Bill and Corrine Livingston.  The co-hosts were Mike and Cat Victorino.

    A request was made for members to sign up to be hosts and co-hosts.

    The lost and found was announced.

    Board positions the will be open for the coming year were announced and nominations were requested for a new Cellar Master and new Brew Master.

    Asked for donations of wine for the storage unit rental.

    Treasurers Report: Mary Andrews states the General Fund $3821.34 Equipment Fund $640.18

    Cellar Master Mike Ferree says we will sell of excess equipment from the storage unit.

    Brew Master Mike Andrews: No report.

    Web Master Ed Hasencamp: We have been gifted equipment and he will post a communication to the public.

    Events Co Ordinator: Patricia Watters says stay tuned Holiday Party at Cass Winery 12/9/2018

    Bill Sisler told the evenings joke.

    Our speaker was James Bond, Winemaker. Winner of Double Gold at the Orange County Wine Competition, he brought 2 bottles to share.  He spoke about his 5 acres and winemaking techniques.

    The 50/50 drawing was won by Chuck and Therese Baucher.

    Dinner is served!!

  • 28 Feb 2018 1:26 PM | Michael and Catherine Victorino

                      Member Meeting Minutes 2/2/18

    The meeting was called to order at 6:40 PM after a fun happy hour that featured a Girl Scout Cookie and wine pairing put on my Mike and Mary Andrews. There were also cookies for sale!

    Announcements: Our meeting location has been changed for 3/1/18 to the Templeton Community Center on Main Street.

    No guests or new members to introduce.

    Our evenings host is George Weber, co-hosts Bill and Corrine Livingston

    There are lost and found items, please check to see if one is yours.


    Treasurer: General Fund, 3614.16 Equipment Fund 606.20

    Cellarmaster: Mike Ferree updated us on new equipment: shelving unit’s crusher destemmer stand. We also have surplus materials, 6 cases of beer bottles and 1 6-gallon carboy and a ½ barrel rack.

    Event Co-Ordinator: Upcoming meeting moved to Templeton Community Center for March only.

    Bill Sisler told a joke (funny)

    Mike Feree introduced speaker Steve Nichols of Nichols Wines located on Traffic Way in Atascadero. He gave and interesting talk on the history and did bring wines to taste! He also brought along some art work that hangs in his tasting room and is for sale.

    There were 30 members in attendance.

    The 50/50 was won by George Weber and Tom Johnson won a bottle of Nichols Wine.

    Dinner is served….

  • 08 Jan 2018 11:23 AM | Michael and Catherine Victorino

    Member Meeting Minutes 1/5/2018

    After a delightful social hour, President Tom Johnson called the meeting to order at 6:40 PM

    There were no new members in attendance and no guests were introduced. Tom thanked our hosts Jeff and Cindy Lewis and co-hosts George and Randi Weber. There will be a silent auction for the wines donated by June Butera from the estate of Vic Butera.

    Treasurer, Mary Andrews reports General Fund $3421.17 and Equipment Fund $551.21

    Mike Ferree informed us of the new equipment.

    Mike Andrews announced there would be a Brew Day in early May. Maybe for entries into the Mid State Fair?

    Patricia Watters said what a great success the Holiday party was and has tentatively penciled us in at Cass Winery for this year’s festivities.

    Bill Sisler told his very funny joke.

    Mike Ferree introduced our evenings speaker, Russ Bedwel from Barrell House Brewery, who spoke about beer and beermaking. He took questions and brought a selection of beer for all to taste.

    There were 32 members in attendance

    The 50/50 drawing was held and won by Sally Ferree!

    Dinner is served.

  • 04 Jan 2018 9:49 AM | Michael and Catherine Victorino

            Member Meeting Minutes 11-11-2017       

    After a fun Happy Hour, the meeting was called to order at 6:35 by President Tom Johnson. He thanked our hosts Patricia Watters and Richard Lashbrook and co-hosts Cindy and Jeff Lewis.

    It was announced that Vic Buttera had passed away.

    Treasurer’s Report: General Fund 2681.41, Equipment Fund 1084.24.

    Brewmaster’s Report: None currently.

    Bill Sisler entertained us with a joke.

    Mike Ferree explained how the blending process will work for the evenings program.

    After dinner a raffle was held. Gina Hasenkamp was the winner of the 50/50 drawing of $40.

     Holiday party to be held at Cass Winery on December 10, 2017.

    Next member meeting will be held January 5, 2018

  • 22 Oct 2017 1:32 PM | Michael and Catherine Victorino

               Member Meeting Minutes 10/6/2017

    The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Tom Johnson, He thanked our evening hosts Steve and Mary Ellen Felton and thanked co-hosts Richard Lashbrook and Patricia Watters

    Guest Wally Braughaugh was introduced and spoke about his vineyard.

    Announcements: Richard Sauret passed away due to a car accident. Dennis MacIntosh has passed away. Vic Buterra is ill.

    Bill Sisler recited a fun joke.

    The arranged speaker canceled due to technical difficulties at his business.

    Brew Master Mike Andrews stepped in and gave a brief history of Octoberfest.

    Cellar Master Mike Ferree informed that next month will be a blending event and will everyone bring a bottle of single variety wine to blend. Also, our next meeting will be held on November 11th. Due to Veterans Day and the American Legion Hall having a previous commitment.

    Treasurer: No report

    Event Co-Ordinator- Holiday party to be held on 12/10/17 at Cass Winery, stay tuned for more information.

    The 50/50 drawing was won by Johanna DeBellis

    There were 25 members in attendance. 

    Dinner is served!!

  • 06 Sep 2017 4:12 PM | Michael and Catherine Victorino

                    Member Meeting Minutes


    Social time was followed by the meeting being called to order by President Tom Johnson.

    Introduced new members Chuck and Terese Baucher

    Thanked tonight’s hosts: Mike and Sally Ferree and co-hosts: Steve and Mary-Ellen Felton

    Treasurer’s Report: General Fund $3090.48, Equipment Fund $1049.28

    Cellar Masters Report: Mike Ferree says we now have a new 40 Liter Blatter press. Equipment training to be held 9/2/17 at our storage facility.

    Event Coordinator: Patricia Watters reports that there will be no fall activity due to lots of reasons, but may have an event planned for Spring. Our Holiday party will be held at Cass on 12/10/2017. More information to follow.

    Novembers meeting has a change of date, it will be held on SATURDAY 11/12/17. This is due to conflicts at the ALH.

    Tonight’s joke was told by Bill Sisler

    Tom Johnson introduced tonight’s speaker, Mike Ferree who gave a talk on Cleaning and Sanitizing for Home Beer and Wine Makers

    The 50/50 drawing total is $65.00, with the winner of $32.00 being Mike Ferree, who graciously donated his winnings back to the club!

    There were 22 in attendance.

    Richard Lashbrook explained how our equipment rental is paid for with our club giving the storage facility manager 4 bottles of wine a month. He also thanked all who have donated to this fund.

    Meeting over and dinner was served!

  • 08 May 2017 9:55 AM | Michael and Catherine Victorino

    Member Meeting Minutes 5/5/2017


    The meeting was called to order by President Tom Johnson at 6:45

    The Hosts for the evening were Richard and Leslie Cruzen, the co-hosts were Ralph and Paula Byrd.

    There were 37 in attendance.

    Treasurer Report General Fund $2092.26, before Mays rent for American Legion Hall. Equipment Fund $1912.11, before bladder press bill paid.

    Guests: None

    New members introduced; Dave and Barb Metcalf

    Brew Master: Mike Andrews informed the Tin City Crawl will be on June 10th. We will meet at Barrel House Brewery for lunch (food truck) and then break into groups of 8-10. We will visit Tin City Cider, Field Recording, Wine Shine, LeFondusac, Fableist.

    The annual picnic and Installation of officers will be held on June 25th. 11-4 at Templeton Park.

    Ed Hasenback spoke on UTube videos.

    Mike Ferree and Bill Sisler both told a joke. Very Funny!

    Our speaker for the evening was Bill Sisler who did a flip chart presentation on wine making 101. This will also be available on our website.

    Meeting adjourned at 7:30, Let’s Eat! 

  • 08 Mar 2017 7:15 PM | Michael and Catherine Victorino

    Place your organization logo here        Member Meeting Minutes



    Social hour at 6:00 with lots of tasty appetizers.

    The meeting was called to order by Mike Ferree at 6:35. He announced the 50/50 drawing would be held at the end of the blind tasting and that 3 bottles of the Boxer legacy wines would be raffled off as part of the 50/50.

    Bill Sisler did the evenings joke.  Cat Victorino shared another joke.

    The potential for purchasing a 40-liter bladder press will be discussed at the next board meeting.

    Guests were introduced: Nancy Sheer and Norma Shelton.

    Mike Ferree described the procedure for the blind tasting then announced that the tasting would begin!   First choices at each table were presented at the end of the tasting:

    1.  Viognier                      Felton

    2. Red blend                   Bonne Niche Cellers (cab, merlot, malbec)

    3. Syrah                           Chez Touissant

    4. Zinfandel                     Berardo

    5. Cabernet Sauvignon   Le Garage (deBellis)

    6. Petite Syrah                 Pianetta (Scott Matthews was a close second)

    7. ???                               ??

    The evenings hosts were Barb and Russ Frank. The cohosts were Wally and Joyce Murray.

    Bill Sisler won the 50/50 drawing for $60.00

    Richard and Patricia won one of the Boxer legacy wines as did Mike Victorino. The third winner is unknown now.


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