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Wines and Steins Current Board Members  2017-2018

President - Tom Johnson

  Our clubs president presides over our monthly General Membership meetings and our monthly Board meetings.  As president, he sets the annual goals and priorities of the club, establishes the annual calendar of club meetings, sets Board meeting agendas, and gives guidance to the Board in executing their individual duties.  The president is our primary liaison between Wines and Steins and other clubs, businesses, and community organizations.  He promotes membership growth through his networking and ensures that the club meets all of its civic and legal responsibilities.

Treasurer/Membership - Mary Andrews

  Our Treasurer is responsible for tracking the clubs finances and membership.  She takes in income including membership dues, club event fees, and donations; and pays the bills for our facility, insurance, and equipment expenses.  She tracks our wine for rent agreement with our equipment storage provider.  She inputs new members into our registration system and provides member badges and membership cards.  She manages our relationship with the American Legion Hall and insurance company and verifies insurance information and provides proof of insurance when needed.  Finally, she develops analyses of spending and income patterns for the purpose of planning future budgets.

Event Coordinator - Patricia Watters

   Our Event Coordinator is responsible for initiating, implementing, and reporting events beyond programs presented at member meetings. In the past, special events included:

1. June BBQ and Picnic. This outdoor event welcomes incoming board members and thanks outgoing board members for their service      to the club.

2. Holiday Party. This event usually includes dinner and dancing.

3. Day- or over-night trip(s) to wineries and vineyards beyond local wineries and vineyards. Previous trip were arranged to Sonoma and Los Alamos in California.

The Event Coordinator often is assisted by volunteers to develop events and to decorate venues.

Secretary - Catherine Victorino

  Our Secretary keeps minutes of both the General Membership meetings and the monthly Board Meetings.  She keeps the club calendar and tracks completion of tasks assigned to Board Members.  She is also responsible for our public relations efforts with local media in our efforts to reach new members and for developing supportive promotional materials.


Cellarmaster - Mike Ferree

  Our Cellarmaster is responsible for the content of the informational portion of our monthly General Membership meeting.  This might include outside speakers, presentations by club members, or audiovisual presentations.  He is also responsible for the procurement and maintenance of the clubs winemakeing and beermaking equipment.  He is assisted by the clubs Equipment Coordinator and Brewmaster.

Brewmaster - Mike Andrews

  Our Brewmaster is responsible for all things beer in the club.  This includes organizing and promoting beer focused events.  Finding and scheduling presenters on beer related topics.  Recommending and acquiring beer making equipment.  And promoting the club to potential new members with an interest in home beer brewing.

Webmaster - Ed Hasenkamp

  Our clubs Webmaster is the focal point of the clubs communications. He is responsible for maintaining the club website which contains information about club resources, events, members, and photo and video albums. He assists other board members in the use of the website and posts information to the website when requested. He is responsible for sending email notifications to the general membership. He is also responsible for managing our relationship with the company that provides our website software, and for our internet domain name.

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