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Rotunda Centennial Beer

04/24/2014 3:35 PM | Deleted user
In February, I went to the Atascadero home of members Lee Swam and Linda Kristenson to find out more about the Rotunda Centennial Beer. Here is a photo of the bottle (no, it doesn't come with flowers!):

This was a special project for Atascadero's Centennial celebration in October 2013. George Peterson of Central Coast Brewing (CCB) crafted this beverage with imported "Centennial Hops." The beer was introduced at the Grand Opening of City Hall by CCB manager, Jason.

Classified as a session pale ale, according to Lee, Centennial Rotunda Beer is not high in alcohol, but contains a modest 4-5% to ensure pleasing a broad spectrum of beer lovers. At the event, guests drank more of the beer than was created: 15 gallons on tap, more in bottles, and in growlers, which are 64-oz. jugs!

Lee says the beer tastes "mellow, not bitter, and not like a sweet or fruity beer." The low alcohol also means that the beer is only drinkable for about six months. But that doesn't matter now, because, according to Linda, "It's not available anymore!"

Also created for the event, and also GONE, is the Zintennial Wine (see picture):

This wine was crafted by our own Stuart Goldman of Frolicking Frog vineyards! (Aww, we're bragging now, huh?!)

Like the beer, the wine label features the official centennial logo--guests sampled it at the Grand Opening of City Hall.

Thanks to Lee and Linda for a lovely morning interview! Here they are pictured with their dog, Katie:

(Sharine Borslien-Hagadone)
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