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04/11/2014 6:40 PM | Deleted user
Greetings, Fellow Members!

This blog officially replaces what used to be called "Other Beer and Wine Events." You might be asking, "What's a blog, and why are we changing things?"

A weblog (commonly called a "blog") is like an online diary that can include text, photos, videos, and links to other websites. This format is suitable for our organization because adding timely information (called "posting") keeps fresh content moving to the top of the blog page. Of course, you can always access older posts.

Our posts could include reminders, member interviews, or special event information: anything relevant to our club. We all will receive the latest information (and it's HOT to be in-the-know!).

Staying current with a blog is one way to move our club into the mid-twenty-tensies with ease and grace, while making us more attractive to new members. Why is this important? Because without new members, especially younger folks, our club will rapidly fall into entropy and cease to exist. And we don't want THAT to happen...right?!

So tune in, we have more fun and useful ideas, stuff, and events in the works :)


Sharine Borslien-Hagadone

Wines & Steins Secretary
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