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Member Meeting Minutes 3/3/2017

08 Mar 2017 7:15 PM | Michael and Catherine Victorino

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Social hour at 6:00 with lots of tasty appetizers.

The meeting was called to order by Mike Ferree at 6:35. He announced the 50/50 drawing would be held at the end of the blind tasting and that 3 bottles of the Boxer legacy wines would be raffled off as part of the 50/50.

Bill Sisler did the evenings joke.  Cat Victorino shared another joke.

The potential for purchasing a 40-liter bladder press will be discussed at the next board meeting.

Guests were introduced: Nancy Sheer and Norma Shelton.

Mike Ferree described the procedure for the blind tasting then announced that the tasting would begin!   First choices at each table were presented at the end of the tasting:

1.  Viognier                      Felton

2. Red blend                   Bonne Niche Cellers (cab, merlot, malbec)

3. Syrah                           Chez Touissant

4. Zinfandel                     Berardo

5. Cabernet Sauvignon   Le Garage (deBellis)

6. Petite Syrah                 Pianetta (Scott Matthews was a close second)

7. ???                               ??

The evenings hosts were Barb and Russ Frank. The cohosts were Wally and Joyce Murray.

Bill Sisler won the 50/50 drawing for $60.00

Richard and Patricia won one of the Boxer legacy wines as did Mike Victorino. The third winner is unknown now.


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